Ain’t nobody got time for that

You may be wondering what is this page about? Well to be honest I don’t even know myself. I have a lot of ideas and inspiration in my head but don’t know what to exactly do with it. I do remember how much I have always wanted to blog so why not get on with it.

The problem I have is commitment. (Guess it makes sense why I don’t do relationships) Anyways point is that I am an Aries and we tend to start projects but never finish them which is frustrating. Although that may be the case, we do have good leadership skills I mean it’s natural the amount of things I have led are ridiculous.

Moving on… to introduce y’all my name is Shalom but the majority of people call me Shay even my mum (lol). People say I have a very dramatic life and aside from that my story is so unique and am a special person. (erm okay if you say so). Yh that’s another thing I don’t take compliments very well, I just laugh at it and then eventually say thank you.

Well if you want to know me, the true me and my side of the story – well stick around because am going to reveal everything there is to me because it may help others, after all I do counsel people I guess it’s good (hard work though and tiring) 

&’ listen here is a piece of advise “Success is not gained but worked for” – you can’t expect for a car to drop in front of you like seriously this ain’t the biblical time where you could ask for bread and it would drop from heaven. Wake up and go make something of your life and stop depending on your parents.

To make this a bit more interesting – I will let you guys send me questions that you want me to answer or send me a story/gossip you want me to cover and give my cover.

You ain’t me – just be you

Shay x